Solutions P2P Insurance

Shacom's web-based P2P insurance platform is based on our simple and innovative model wherein policyholders, by pooling their resources together, can make better plans with access to information. Our model can be extended to include life, property, pension, health, accident, and all other types of insurance.

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Shacom currently has a P2P life insurance platform managed by our subsidiary Intercare Inc. By targeting the previously underserved segment of the population—the elderly and the disabled—Intercare has seen its membership base in Taiwan grow by more than 30 percent per year in the last five years.

For an annual fee, our policyholders enjoy many benefits, such as premium payout only after another member is deceased, supplemental accident insurance and funeral services, as well as discounted travel packages. Moreover, with 10 percent of premiums set aside in reserve in the Intercare Stability Fund, we ensure that each of our members will always be safely covered.