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Our P2P lending solution is a floating interest rate platform based on the hui (互助會), a traditional community lending system in Taiwan similar to a rotating savings and credit association. In one form or another, the hui has been used extensively throughout parts of China and east Asia for 2000 years. What sets us apart from other P2P lending platforms today is our proprietary bidding mechanism that allows participants to get better rates.

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From our very founding, we have developed our own web-based P2P lending platform to connect savers and borrowers in Taiwan using the mechanism described above. After great initial success, we partnered with Bank SinoPac to bring this to the wider public. Now, by drawing from our tradition and experience, Shacom has developed the latest E-Bidding Platform to bring together the international community of financial participants.

On the E-Bidding Platform, participants set their own rates by directly bidding among each other, thereby enhancing price discovery and leading to true financial disintermediation. By combining borrowing and saving into a single action, the platform removes the distinction between borrower and saver, and puts everyone on an equal footing.

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