Company Management

Chairman: Chien Yung Sung

As founder and Chairman of Shacom, Mr. Chien guides the strategic direction of the company and has developed many patents pertaining to online finance mechanisms. A native of Chiayi County in Taiwan, Mr. Chien grew up in a rural household and witnessed firsthand the power of the hui, a traditional community lending system similar to a rotating savings and credit association that has been practiced for many centuries in south and east Asia. This experience would later serve as the inspiration behind our own P2P lending platforms.

Before Shacom, Mr. Chien was the founder and CEO of Lien Sheng Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. in 1989, the leading provider of electrical discharge machining (EDM) equipment and services for the high tech industry in Taiwan. Prior to that, Mr. Chien was also the founder and CEO of Lamyun Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1981, responsible for importing international radio frequency identification (RFID) products in Taiwan.

Mr. Chien was previously the Chair of Amnesty International in Taiwan and the President of the Ludao Human Rights Memorial, among other activities. He remains an avid human rights activist and philanthropist to this day.