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CTI TV Interviews Shacom Founder

March 14, 2013

Shacom founder and Chairman Mr. Chien Yung Sung talks to CTI TV about the insurance market in Taiwan, the power of mutual aid, and the role Shacom's subsidiary Intercare Inc. plays in bringing coverage to the underserved Taiwanese population.

Shacom Chairman: Peer-to-Peer Insurance is the Future

July 2012

In his article in The Forum for Finance and Insurance magazine, Shacom founder and Chairman Chien Yung Sung points to worrying global trends: aging demographics and ballooning government deficits to support the social safety net. The answer, he argues, is clear and simple: mutual aid in the form of peer-to-peer insurance.

Humanistic Education Journal Recounts Past of Shacom Chairman

June 2010

The founder and Chairman of Shacom, Mr. Chien Yung Sung, recounts his past struggles during the White Terror Period in Taiwan, his early entrepreneurial efforts, as well as his vision for Shacom: to challenge the established financial order and to create an alternative choice for ordinary savers and borrowers.

Unique Business Journal Interviews Shacom Founder

December 14, 2008

Unique Business Journal delves into the background of Shacom founder and Chairman Chien Yung Sung and discovers the inspiration behind the newly launched MMA Personal Bidding Platform.

Behind Shacom and the MMA Personal Bidding Platform

August 17, 2008

Shacom founder and Chairman Mr. Chien Yung Sung has just launched his second P2P lending platform, the MMA Personal Bidding Platform, to astounding success in Taiwan. A visionary and innovator, Mr. Chien personally developed many of the patents pertaining to the platform's bidding mechanism, and partnered with Bank SinoPac to bring it to the Taiwanese public. The final product combines Mr. Chien's vision with his zeal to bring about the next financial revolution.

Shacom and Bank SinoPac Launch P2P Platform

July 2, 2008

In contrast to traditional hui's or ROSCAs, Shacom's partnership with Bank SinoPac to launch the first large scale P2P lending platform in Taiwan yields many advantages, including better risk and process controls and a larger base of participants. The new MMA Personal Bidding Platform will bring the hui online to the mass market for the first time and provide a viable alternative to traditional bank lending.